Saturday, July 20th 2019 @ 10:30am -12:30pm ET

Have you ever found yourself trying to make sense of a strange dream you had the night before? 

Why do most dreams fade so quickly, but some can remain in our memory for years? Why do some dreams reoccur?

Why do we have periods where we seem to dream so much more than others? 

Have you ever woken from a deep sleep and felt compelled to look directly at the clock to see repeating numbers? 

Have you ever dreamt of bears, snakes, fields, flying, cats, rivers, tsunami’s, repeating numbers, space ships, death…?

Was it a warning? Should it be taken literally? Or was it just a strange scattered dream that meant nothing?  How can we really be sure? 

What does it mean if we don’t ever remember our dreams?

Is it possible to deliberately direct your dreams before you fall asleep? 

Much of our dream state is spent exploring solutions to problems we are facing in our physical reality.  Our guides, higher self and Angels are constantly sharing messages and offering valuable guidance while we are most receptive in our dream state.  But what if we don’t understand the message?

The hidden messages in your dreams are about to be revealed. Find out what your dreams really mean in this jam–packed, 2 hour live workshop where we will dive deep into dream interpretation to help you decode the symbols, numbers and messages of your dream state.


2 hours of jam-packed words of wisdom – The Angelic Guides will share their valuable perspective on how we can decode the messages and symbols we receive while in our dream state.

Want to better understand what your dreams really mean? Have a pen and paper handy, as we learn how to decode the messages, answers, and guidance we receive in our dreams.

Learn how to direct your dreams deliberately! – Are you facing a challenge, roadblock, or just looking for clarity? Your dreams can deliver the answers you’re looking for.

Dreams by category- Dreams can be very revealing. We tend to all have similar patterns in our dreams. Once you learn to make sense of these patterns you can turn that guidance into inspired action.

Channeled Q&A – Do you have questions about your dreams? The Angels will be sharing their perspective on how we can best benefit from our dream state.

Channeled meditation to help you to align with the guidance, answers and solutions you are seeking.

BONUS- Dream Interpretation Cheat Sheet – We broke down some of the most common symbols, patterns and signs most people receive so you can refer back to it again and again!


*This is an online workshop, no travel necessary.

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