Healing Transformative Power of Crystals Workshop


  • Live Online Event Date: January 26th 2019
  • Online workshop



The Healing Transformative Power of Crystals:

Live Online Event
April 20th 2019 @ 11am EST

Did you know that Amethyst have the power to soothe and relax you, it can promote healthy sleep patterns and heightens your intuition?

Did you know that Citrine amplifies your ability to attract abundance, soothes the digestive tract, improves your focus and helps to release your fears and phobias?

Crystals can be an extremely effective tool to enhance and improve your daily life.  Crystals have the ability to amplify your intentions.  But how?

Do you need to hold them or wear them in order to work, or can you be near them? Why are you drawn to some crystals more than others?

How do you know which ones are best for you?

Find out in this jam- packed Live Crystal Workshop where we will dive into  everything you need to know about crystals and what you can do to use them to improve your life.


  • 2 hours of jam-packed words of wisdom – The Angelic Guides will share their valuable perspective on how we can utilize the transformative healing power of crystals.
  • Are you suffering with depression or anxiety? Could you use more abundance in your life? Do you feel stuck or scattered lately?  Have a pen and paper handy, as we dive into the world of crystals and how they can truly improve our lives in so many ways.
  • Learn the 5 must have Crystals every one should have!  Find out which crystals you must have to improve your life and maintain alignment, balance, and success.
  • LIVE Q&A – get your questions answered as we dive into the fascinating world of crystals.
  • Channeled meditation to help you align your mind, body, and spirit so your body can thrive.

*This is a LIVE online workshop, no travel necessary.