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Managing the Powerful Energy of Today

powerful healing energy

Hi Everyone,

The live channeling on “Managing the Powerful Energy of Today” was a wonderful success and thank you to all of you who joined us.  If you missed the call, no worries, it was recorded.  To hear a short clip of the call you may click the play button below.  The Angels covered many topics and gave wonderful insights on how we can better manage this energy as it seems it wont be letting up anytime soon! They explained why we are feeling this energy, where this energy is coming from, how it is affecting our physical bodies, how we can use this energy to our advantage and so much more! You can purchase the entire recording for $20 by clicking the Buy Now button below.  You will be able to download the entire recording upon purchase.  The clip below is 8:20.  Enjoy!

Much Love,


Live Channeling Event

Hi Everyone,

The next live channeling event will take place on Saturday March 1, 2014 at 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM EST.  The topic will be: Managing the powerful energies of today, the roller coaster of emotions you are all feeling and what you can do to effectively work with them.  You won’t want to miss this!

Since so many of us, myself included are finding this new energy particularly difficult to manage, the Angels have offered to give us more guidance on what we can do to effectively work with this energy and restore the balance and harmony so many of us feel we have temporarily lost.  Just when we feel we have regrouped and regained our positive frame of mind, another strong blow comes along and we are yet again knocked over.  The Angels will offer their unique perspective on the times ahead, and delve deeper into the spiritual reasons why we are finding it so very difficult to maintain a peaceful state of being. They will share with us what we can do to better acclimate to this strong energy and of course they will work with all of us on an energetic level during the call.

This call is open to ALL countries, and all are welcome!  As always, the Angels will be working with all of us energetically while we listen to all that they have to share.

No need to travel, you can attend this live channeling from the comfort of your own home! Registration for the live event is now available for the purchase price of just $20.  The call will be recorded and will be sent to all those who register. For those of you who will be able to attend the live call, we will have a 1/2 hour dedicated to answering your questions that you have for the Angels after the channeling. (QUESTIONS MUST PERTAIN TO THE TOPIC CHANNELED) To purchase your seat on the live call click on the book now button below.

Live Channeling: Managing the powerful energy of today








“There is sentience in all life”

dolphin1Today we would like to focus your attention upon both the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom upon your world.  It is believed by many that humans are one of the only beings upon your world that are capable of conscious thought.  So let us begin by explaining to you what our definition of sentience is.

To be sentient you must be consciously aware of your own existence, you must be capable of conscious thought, and you must hold the divine spark within your being.  With that being said, there are humans that are still under the belief that only the most intelligent of all species have any ability to perceive and create their reality in the way that humans do. To this we reply, what defines intelligence? Is it the ability to reason, to think, and to learn?  Is it the ability to show compassion for another, to be able to sympathize and empathize?  Is intelligence defined by the ability to rule over others, or is it to have this ability and yet choose not to?  There is a wonderful quote that was said by a very old soul who had incarnated well ahead of his time and his name was Albert Einstein who said “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will believe its whole life that it is stupid.”

You see, all beings are divine; the divinity that exists within you also exists within them.  When we say that all are one, there are no exclusions.  The human collective is advancing rapidly, and you will eventually learn that it is not the ability to rule over others that makes you powerful, it is to have that ability and yet choose to love others as your equal rather than fear them for their difference.  You have come so very far, and certainly there are still events which are taking place upon your world which allow for the mistreatment of others; not just animals, plants and the Earth, but humans as well.  But these events have surfaced so that you can see what you have allowed to manifest.  If it is no longer something you wish to allow upon your world, then only you can change that.

You ask, but how am I to change the actions of another?  To this we reply you cannot, you must change yourself.  Let us explain. The key is to remember that you will always draw to you what you align with most.  There are always going to be an infinite number of parallel realities that are playing out concurrently. If change is what you seek, then send love and light to what you wish to change; hate and anger will only attract more events to be hateful and angry about.  You cannot eliminate what you hate by fighting against it, you eliminate it by loving its opposite.  And in so doing, you also will shift the parallel reality that you resonate most with.

You have agreed to forget much of what you innately know, you have agreed to forget that you are all one as you perceive each being as an individual.  When you have forgotten your own divinity how could you possibly see it reflected back to you within another?  This was part of the agreed upon beliefs which would grant you such a unique opportunity to play and learn within the lower dimensions.  Oh how very different it has been for all of you.  But as more and more of you begin to awaken from your slumber your heart begins to open and the events which have been allowed to manifest on your world are no longer acceptable to you.

Many are of the belief that animals have been placed here to serve the needs of humans and to this we would agree.  However, they are not here to be enslaved by you but rather to assist you in elevating your consciousness;  for as you remember the divinity within them, you also must remember the divinity within your own self.

So if all beings are sentient, does this mean that all beings have a soul?  There are some who have been under the impression that animals have only a collective soul, but they lack an individual soul.  The same could be said for humans as well, no?  You see, from our perspective all are one.  Humans have a collective consciousness however you also have your “own” soul.  You have your own journey that you would like to experience different challenges upon your path, though we do still perceive all as being one.  This is a rather difficult concept for humans to fully understand and this is simply because it was part of the agreed beliefs that you would perceive yourselves as separate from anyone and anything else; to believe what affects one does not affect another.  But we are here to remind you that this cannot be so.  If only you could see how connected you are to those who live on the other side of your globe.  Just one small decision, one small choice has the ability to impact all upon your world.  So with that in mind, imagine how much of an impact you can make by choosing love, by choosing to see the divinity within all beings.  None are any less worthy of love than any other.  All have a very unique purpose and to remove one piece of the puzzle would have dramatic effects on all others.

You see, it is quite impossible for any consciousness not to have a soul.  A soul is not something that you can have or not have, its what you are, not something you need to obtain.  All consciousness has a soul, or rather we should say, is a soul.

We hope that we have served you in some way and that our message has helped you to remember that by acknowledging the sentience within all beings you also acknowledge the divinity within your own self.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

Copyright © 2012-2014 by Taryn Crimi. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included

The Lost City of Atlantis–Free clip of the call

Hi Everyone,

The live channeling of the Lost City of Atlantis was a wonderful success and thank you to all of you who joined us.  If you missed the call, no worries, it was recorded.  To hear a short clip of the call you may click the play button below.  The Angels covered many topics about the Atlantians ranging from where they came from, what life was like, what technology they had acquired, what their infrastructure and economic systems were like, time/space travel, wormholes, what eventually what lead to their demise and so very much more! You can purchase the entire recording for $20 by clicking the Buy Now button below, then please email me directly at and I will send you the full recording.  (Im working on having that automatically sent to you upon payment in the near future)

Much Love,

Verbal channeling – Managing the upcoming energy

angelic guidesAs you can all see the new website is now up and running.  In light of the new look, I thought I would do something a little different than usual.  I have included a brief verbal channeling of the Angelic Guides about what to expect and how we can manage the up coming energy.

Reminder: If you haven’t registered yet for the live channeling call on January 25th on the Lost Civilization of Atlantis there are still seats available.  So come join us as I channel the Angel’s perspective on the Lost Civilization of Atlantis: January 25, 2014 @ 9:00am EST! Registration fee: $20 per person. Click the link below to register now. This call is open to ALL countries, and all are welcome!


The Angel’s will talk about the Atlantian culture, technology, beliefs, how the civilization began and what brought about this ancient civilizations demise. If you’re interested in this topic you won’t want to miss out!! All you have to do is call in from the comfort of your own home and listen….I’ll do the rest!

Upon each call the Angels will be working with all of us on an energetic level through the energy they will share via the live channeling. (If you can’t make the live call, not to worry, you will still benefit from the energy the Angel’s will share when you listen to the recording….energy knows no time)

And now with out further ado, the first of many verbal channelings from the Angelic Guides. (click the link below to listen)

Short 3:56 minute verbal channeling below:

Blog message 1-7-14 10.41 AM

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

Angelic Guides is moving!!

The NEW WEBSITE will be

I have been hard at work creating a new website for Angelic Guides and we are officially moving to a new site!!! The new site will likely be live sometime tomorrow.  If you are already an Angelic Guides follower then you don’t have to worry, you will remain a follower of the Angelic Guides blog on the new website.  All of the content will be carried over from this current website.  The new website will have lots of new advantages…..once the kinks are worked out :)  It may take a day or two for the site to be exactly the way I intend it, but overall the function of the website will be operational immediately.  

For your convenience you will be automatically be redirected to the new Angelic Guides website even if you type in this current website….for now anyway.The new website address will be: (Don’t forget about the dash!!)  

As I said the new website will have some new features that I am very pleased to provide.  As I previously announced in the last post, there will now be live private and group sessions offered in which you will be able to schedule right online! There is so much more to come and you only have a few short hours to wait!

So if the website has already changed over when you are reading this and you are wondering why it looks different… you know :)

Much Love,



Exciting Changes Coming soon!

Hi Everyone,

Angel wingsI hope you are all enjoying your holidays.  I am really excited to share with you a few of the newest additions to the Angelic Guides page.  As many of you now know the Angels have really been encouraging me to yet again push past my comfort zone and channel verbally.  I have to admit I am really excited and bit nervous but I have to say, each time the Angels push me beyond my comfort zone it always works out really well no matter how much I  resist along the way! So I am taking the leap of faith and I have decided to channel verbally….. publicly!  This means that there will be some changes in the near future.

#1 – The first ever live channeling call is scheduled for January 25, 2014 @ 9:00 AM EST.  The topic will be “The lost civilization of Atlantis”! The Angels and I would like to offer approximately 2 verbal channelings per month on various topics of interest so I have purposely kept the registration fee low so that all who would like to join may do so as often as they like! The Angels will work with all of us on the call on an energetic level helping us to release and remove blocks that we are ready to release.  SEATING IS LIMITED TO JUST 100 people on the call and the seats are filling up.  So if you know you really would like to be on the call I would recommend reserving your seat now.  And a lot of people have been asking if they will have to talk on the call, no worries….all you have to do is sit back and listen from the comfort of your own home.  You won’t have to talk at all, no introductions so for those of you who are shy you have nothing to worry about.  It will just be me channeling the Angels :)  And the call should last about an hour or so.  Don’t miss out! Once the seats are filled the registration will be closed. The registration fee is just $20.  Click Here to Register

#2 – Private sessions- Since I will now be channeling verbally I will now offer live private sessions in 1/2 hour and 1 hour increments.  You will be able to talk directly to the Angels and there will be no limit to how many questions you can ask in the allotted time that you choose for your private session.  The call will be recorded so that you can re-listen to it as often as you like! I think this will benefit many of you as you will now have the opportunity to interact and ask questions about the answers they give you.  I will still offer the written private sessions for those who are not comfortable speaking/understanding English or would just prefer to have a written session.  The sessions will be $85 for a 1/2 hour private session and $150 for a 1 hour session.

#3 – Group sessions - Group sessions will also be offered.  Invite your family and friends to do a group session with you! You must have at least 4 people to do a group session and they can be as large as 15 people.  You each will have the opportunity to ask the Angels your questions as well as listen to the answers that others in your group receive as well. Group sessions will be an hour and a half.  The group fee is $35 per person.

The private and group sessions will be available for purchase by the end of January.

Happy New Year everyone! We have a lot to look forward to!  Remember this is the year to dream big!

Much Love,


The 1st Ever Live Angelic Guides Channeling Call has been scheduled!!

atlantisCome join us to hear the Angel’s perspective on the Lost Civilization of Atlantis!!

I am so very excited to announce that the very first Angelic Guides live channeling event is scheduled for January 25, 2014 @ 9:00AM  EST.  Come join us as I channel the Angel’s perspective on the Lost Civilization of Atlantis!  The Angel’s often say that many of us incarnated now at this time have had lives within the Atlantian civilization and have chosen to reincarnate to ensure that we have the opportunity to assist in the worlds ascension.  The Angel’s will talk about the Atlantian culture, technology, beliefs, how the civilization began and what brought about this ancient civilizations demise.  If you’re interested in this topic you won’t want to miss out!!

The Angel’s and I would like to offer approximately 2 verbal channelings each month which will cover many different topics of interest. Upon each call the Angels will be working with all of us on an energetic level through the energy they will share via the live channeling.  (If you can’t make the live call, not to worry, you will still benefit from the energy the Angel’s will share when you listen to the knows no time)

Upon registering you may also submit a question you have about the Atlantian civilization to me directly at  The Angels will answer as many questions as they can on the call.  Don’t miss out! Register now to guarantee your seat!  Click the link below.  You will be sent a link and phone number several days before the live call.  You can choose to either join the call via telephone or VoIp option which allows you to use your internet to hear the call as long as you have speakers on your computer.

Register here - The Lost Civilization of Atlantis – January 25, 2014

The Learn to channel class structure has been changed…

Angel wingsSince so many of you have expressed interest in taking the Learn to Channel classes but have had a difficult time with scheduling I have decided to now offer the complete Learn to Channel class in a new format.  It has been rather difficult to schedule the classes in a live group format between many different time zones.  So, The Learn to Channel classes are now recorded so that you may now purchase them and listen to it at your leisure.  This is the same exact class that has been offered live with every bit of information that you now have access to!!

Because this is a recorded version The Learn to Channel class will now be offered for $149.  This price includes all 3 classes!  Whether you have never channeled before or if you are already channeling and would like to improve your skills, this class is designed for anyone who is interested in developing their channeling abilities.  The Angels will work directly with you to help you to release any blocks you have about opening yourself up to channeling information from the higher realms.

For those of you who would still like “live coaching” that was given to the students who took the live classes, you may purchase private coaching sessions.  The sessions will be offered in half hour and hour increments.

The live coaching sessions will allow you to have “one on one” coaching to help you better develop your channeling abilities and answer any questions that you may have when learning to channel or rather I should say “remember to channel”.  As the Angels continually express, we are all born with the innate ability to connect with the higher realms, we simply have forgotten how. Please go to the “Learn to Channel” page if you are interested in learning more or you may click on the link below to purchase all 3 learn to channel classes.  Upon purchase please email directly at so that I can email you the 3 classes.

Buy Now: Learn to Channel Class

Much Love,


“First Responders”

first responderToday we would like to share with those of you who have been specifically drawn to this message.  To those who will read this message when it is first shared, and to the many many of you who will find this message when you are ready to do so, this message is specifically for you.

This great time of change can feel so challenging that you doubt in your ability to continue on.  You have found yourself doubting if you will be able to shine your light as you had agreed so many eons ago.  There have been many names given to those of you who have chosen to lead the way, to awaken while everyone else still lays encased within the dream.  You have been called way showers, light bearers, light workers but we will share with you how we perceive you.

There are those on your world who are referred to as the “first responders”; those who run to save others while everyone else runs away from the danger.  They are the first to go in to the dangerous and challenging situations and yet they are the last to leave.  Only when they are sure that there is no one else to be saved, no one else who is in need of assistance, no soul left who is in need of being rescued do they finally leave the scene.  You are the spiritual “first responders” in this momentous time of ascension.

Though your souls have the ability to cross over into the higher dimensions as you have continued to awaken to the illusion you have been immersed in, you have chosen to stay behind to help those who are “still asleep” so they may awaken safely and ascend into the higher dimensions.  You have chosen to be the beacon of light for all to see as each soul awakens to a room of darkness.

It is often most challenging for those who chose to go before all others, but know that you do not struggle in vain.  You are forging a path for all others to follow.  Just as a path amongst the dense growth of the jungle is most treacherous for those who step upon it first, you have chosen to go first because you knew you could overcome the challenges that you inevitably would encounter.  As you continue to awaken to the realization that you have been within an illusion, you look around to see that everyone else still remains asleep.  You often find yourself wondering if it would have been easier to remain asleep, never realizing that you were only dreaming.  It is much harder to awaken to the realization that you are within an illusion yet not awake enough to escape from the dream.  We will share with you why that is.

You have chosen this path not as a “game” or an “experiment” for your soul, but because you believed so strongly in ensuring that all souls who wanted to return to the higher realms had the opportunity to do so.  You responded to the call for help of those who remained within the dark and eagerly volunteered your service. Many have been immersed in this illusion for a very long time; it is time for the dreamers to awaken and remember that it was all just a dream.

So to those who have been drawn to this message know that we commend you; we too have agreed to remain by your side, encouraging you, each time you feel as though you can’t go on.  Though we cannot walk your path for you, we have chosen to walk beside you.  Please know, that you are transforming the world more than you know.  You are the “first responders”.

We send you our unconditional love and gratitude for all that you continue to do.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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