• “The Journey of the Soul Through Life and Death”

    flower essence childrenToday we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of what we have titled “The Journey of the Soul Through Birth and Death”. Many often wonder what it is like for the soul just prior to incarnating into a physical vessel as well as what it’s like for a soul during the departure of the physical body. So we will share with you our perspective in hopes of offering you more clarity.

    When a soul has made the decision to re-enter your physical world it must make a few decisions first. Please know that there is no time in the higher realms and therefore we cannot tell you the amount of time it takes before a soul is ready to once again reincarnate into another life after their physical death. It is different for every soul. Now with that being said, the soul must make a few decisions before it can once again incarnate into another physical body. These decisions include what region they would like to be born into, who they would like their parents to be and what lessons or themes they would like to

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  • Trust

    spread your wings

    Today we would like to take this time to share our perspective if we may as many of you are manifesting rather difficult or frustrating hurdles for yourself at this time. Some of you are manifesting small annoyances while others feel as though they are being faced with large and difficult challenges. First and foremost we would first like to remind you to take a breath. This too shall pass as it always does. We remind you, this year will help you to better maintain your faith and teach you how to manifest what you desire.

    Much like a child learning to walk, there are ups and downs. Children do not just stand up and walk without loosing their balance from time to time. But each time they get back up they better learn how to keep that balance and strengthen their muscles and reflexes to keep from falling next time. You are building your spiritual reflexes right now.

    This is a pattern that you have habitually manifested for many many lifetimes, and now all at once you expect to never fall. We want to focus your attention upon why

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  • New Channeled Messages

    Hi Everyone!  Many of you have been asking if I am still channeling messages as I have not posted any new ones in a while.  The answer is absolutely!

    My family and I are so thrilled to announce the arrival of our second son and are taking some time to adjust to our newest member.  I will begin posting new messages in about a month or so once we have had some time to acclimate.   I have however, begun accepting some private sessions again, so you are each welcome to book a session with the Angels if you desire :)

    Thank you for your patience and we really appreciate all of your well wishes and love that you have sent.

    Much Love,