• Branching out and trying new things

    Well I know I have been a bit chatty this week LOL, but in honor of branching out and trying new things this year I have decided to give Twitter a try! Being that Facebook only reaches no more than 7% of the total fans that like the Angelic Guides fan page, I thought it might be a better idea to try to reach out to all of you lovely souls on twitter instead so you actually get to see the quotes.  I’ll be posting all sorts of inspirational quotes, tips and messages that the Angels have so graciously shared.

    I sure do wish I could just automatically transfer all the Angelic Guides Facebook likes over to Twitter, I worked so hard to get over 10K likes…sigh. Oh well, it’s the perfect time to start fresh!  So come join the fun and follow me on Twitter @Angelic_Guides

    See you there :)


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  • The Roller coaster of Doubts, Fears and Trust!

    spread your wingsWell I have to say I have noticed the heavy dense energy lift a bit these past few days and I am starting to see the new path which has manifested as the dust begins to settle. What once seemed as though it was an almost certain future now has altered in such a way that I couldn’t have possibly imagined how fast everything could change. It’s said that life rarely makes sense until you look back and see how beautifully it has all unfolded. Now if only we could learn how to sit back and enjoy the process and not worry so much along the way LOL!

    Oddly enough as I have done sessions for many of you this New Year, though we are collectively all feeling this energy in different ways, the energy is serving the same purpose. Sure there are some of you who do not feel the sudden changes or dramatic endings as some others have, but that doesn’t mean rapid changes aren’t manifesting beneath the surface. After all this is the year of rapid change!

    For some of us the changes have been more internal, we

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  • Well this has been intense to say the least…

    pink bokehWow, when the Angels said “this year was going to be filled with intense energy that will assist us in closing many chapters in our life so that new beginnings can manifest” they sure weren’t kidding! This year started out with a bang with a full moon right smack in the middle of mercury in retrograde. We are still feeling some of the after affects, likely for another week or two. I don’t know about all of you but this energy has felt a lot like being sucked into a riptide in the middle of the ocean and not being able to tell which way is up or down! Whew! We will have a few days to catch our breathe but the intensity will continue on for much of this year so hang on tight! Well actually its time to let go really :)  The Angels often remind us to stay focused in the now moment when everything starts to feel like its all caving in at once. We can’t feel anxious about the now moment, we only feel anxious about things

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